Now it has happened. For quite some time, the legal institutions were warning from distraction of smartphones in the car and this is not just making calls. The permanently Whatsapp, social media messages can distract the attention of the driver significantly. From now on the charging of a mobile phone with the cable is prohibited from the Oberlandesgericht Oldenburg. The point is using a cable to plug in while you are driving. 
Smartphone usage is generally prohibited, specially holding it in the hand or watching the screen. 

What exactly happened: A truck driver was traveling on the A 28 in Oldenburg holding his  smartphone to connect with a cable to charge it. While doing this he was observed by the police and  got a fine of 60 euros. The driver didnt want to agree on that and went to court to clear this. The Countrycourt Oldenburg decided that holding the phone to plug it to charge is forbidden. 
What shows us this justice case? Charging the smartphone while driving only works with a secure wireless charging solution.

There will be no struggle in which the cable must be plugged into the phone. Just settle the smartphone into the car cup  or hang up into the car hug on each ride: The FluxPort Wireless Charging solutions for the car - the Car Edition - offers for every application the right product. So, let's have both hands on the wheel and still a full battery. For questions about Wireless Charging in the car check the YouTube videos on 

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